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VALUES BULLET COMMENTS - INTEGRITY o fulfills all obligations to the Army, Unit and Soldiers. o. Back to NCOER Bullet Comments. Competence NCOER Bullet Comment Examples by developing a rapp. New NCOER Develops bullets and Performance Measures; Did Not Meet Standard; Met Standard; Exceeded. Responsibility NCOER Bullet Comment Examples: his responsibility and emphasis on driver safety resu. VALUES NCOER Bullet Comments o supports the Army SHARP and Equal Opportunity programs; establis. Base System Civilian Performance Counseling Checklist/Record (DA Form 7223) , and Base. .. Bullet . Jan 16, 2016 .'s Intellect NCOER Bullets - Your only source for NCOER Bullets to. SENIOR RATER COMMENTS GUIDE. 1. understood by all civilian senior raters, boards, and selecting.


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