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Also, they may already have a postcard with the same picture as yours, they may not see a market for your image, or they may simply not be printing new cards . There are two types of postcard companies: distributors and printers. Distributors starting local. Make postcards of local places and sell them at local stores.Getting back to basics, the secret to making a postcard effort succeed is one word : distribution. The cost of making postcards or calendars is close enough to the . Most keen photographers who have learnt to take decent quality images have found themselves wondering how to sell photos as postcards. It seems like . Jul 19, 2015 . If you're a graphic designer, photographer, or marketer, you can make easy money selling tourist postcards in gift shops near vacation hot . There are many ways to sell photos and make money. One way is to seek out and sell to companies that manufacture postcards. Not only would you receive . Jun 10, 2015 . Well you'd be right to think that people are out there making money by selling their photographs for postcards. The reason you don't hear about . Dec 16, 2015 . Buying and selling postcards on eBay and other places is a great money making hobby. Here is a detailed guide on how to get started. .For example if the collection consists of Artist Signed postcards then sell them as sets of one particular artist. However you should do some research first to make . Send them to friends and family. Participate in side swaps. Sell them on Etsy. Whatever – get that art out there! If you have any other sites you would recommend, .