Charge huawei wont

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Feb 15, 2015 . If your Android phone refuses to charge at all, you need to find out why in order to fix it. Check here for all the possible reasons.Hi I have a Huawei U8150 Ideos and today I plugged in the charger and it did not charge. it has now run out of battery and when i try to charge . Some of the problems noticed on the Huawei P9 include the Huawei P9 not charging, the Huawei P9 won't turn on after charging, and the Huawei P9 grey . Nov 22, 2016 . This article intends to help you fix your Huawei phone's battery drain and. In order to fix Huawei charging problem you must replace your Huawei. . My Huawei won't start, gives a red charger icon and LED so i'm phone less . Nov 20, 2015 . And now it won't charge when plugged in at all.. . I then contact Huawei and they say that I need to contact Google for replacements and . My huawei phone wont fully charge · My kyocera phone wont. My battery wont charge on my samsung huawei. My huawei says its charging but wont charge. Oct 22, 2014 . Troubleshoot your charging problem here: Huawei Ascend P6-U06. . Plug in but an area an the phone gets hot and the phone won't even turn . My Huawei battery stopped charging (with red blinking charge indicator). . It won 't charge but when I plug it to the connecter it is always showing the Battery . Jul 24, 2016 . We've all been there - you get home from work, plug your phone in, and nothing happens. If your Android device isn't charging properly, here . Dec 1, 2010 . Here is a brief video that demonstrates that my Huawei Ascend cell phone is not plugged into any charger of any kind yet the main screen .

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